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About Miles Matrix

Miles Matrix is an artist based in Vienna creating Synthwave / Synthpop / Retrowave music.

Drawing inspiration from the music of Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Klaus Schulze – music he listened to on cassette as a kid – as well as 80s bands like New Order or iconic Synthwave artists like The Midnight, Moonrunner 83 and Gunship, Miles Matrix produces the soundtrack for his grim, autobiographical lyrics about depression, anxiety and heartbreak in his room in Vienna, sometimes adding a pinch of 90s Eurodance and a modicum of modern pop.

Miles Matrix was born in 1981 on the rock of Gibraltar. He grew up in the west german town of Bielefeld, before moving to Vienna following a short stint in Berlin. Miles Matrix is set to release his first album in 2019. Follow Miles Matrix on Spotify:

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This is my music:



Synthwave / Popwave / Neo Post-punk. Released February 1, 2019. Stream and download here. Watch the Music Video here.

Chandler Bing Syndrome


Synthwave / Retrowave. Released January 4, 2019. Stream and download here.

Snow in Miami


Synthwave / Chillwave. Released December 21, 2018. Stream and download here.



Synthpop / Popwave. Released November 2018. Stream and download here. Watch the video here.



Synthwave / Retrowave / Synthpop. Released October 2018. Stream and download here. Watch the video here.


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